About Us

The Ascent Partners Foundation — the philanthropic arm of Ascent Partners, has created a centralised platform that consolidates all of Ascent Partners’ philanthropic activities, under the chairmanship of Mr Simon Mak, CEO of Ascent Partners. This centralisation has led to streamlined management, improved coordination, and a more efficient allocation of resources within the foundation.

The decision to re-focus Ascent Partners’ philanthropy activities reflects a strategic shift in focus towards bridging the funding gap between new ideas and sustainable NGOs in the education, environmental, and poverty alleviation sectors.

This shift demonstrates Ascent Partners’ commitment to addressing critical societal challenges and making a lasting impact in these areas.

Our Philosophy

is based across three broad sectors: relief of poverty, education, and environmental protection.

Working with early-stage start-ups that address any or all of these three core principles, The Ascent Partners Foundation provides financing and, more importantly, advice and network opportunities to those most in need.

By working hand-in-hand with NGO’s and governments, Ascent Partners Foundation strives to be a positive force in philanthropy. Examples of our work to help poverty relief include working with the Refugee Union in Hong Kong for the “World without Strangers Charitable Fund’ to donate nearly 1,000 pieces of excess and unbranded items from Giordano in September 2023.

The Foundation has also funded the Asia Sustainability & ESG Research Centre Consortium (ASERCC), founded by the Hong Kong Hang Seng University and other academic institutions which recently held a three-day Sustainability and ESG Summit in Bangkok.

Finally, the foundation has also partnered with the Alliance for Responsible Forest Management (ARFM), an international tropical forest management education NGO, to create a Hong Kong specific urban forest management program, and supported them in attending the recent UNFCCC adoption committee meetings in Seoul and Nairobi.